Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recent Etsy Projects

These are Audrey's recent Etsy projects. They are all magnets and are all for sale in her shop.

Recent Graphic Design

These are all recent graphic projects that Audrey has done. Some have been turned into other things, but others are just fun patterns and such. Everything is copyright 2008 by Audrey Mann.

New Audzipan Design Business Cards and Avatar

These are the new business cards (except the real ones will have rounded corners) and avatar for audzipan design. The new banner is already posted below, so go check it out! The business cards should be arriving tomorrow!

Illustrator Projects

These are all projects that Audrey has done in her Computer Design class. They were all created with Adobe Illustrator. Some are just thumbnails (i.e. line drawings), and others are finished projects.

Audrey Jill Letterhead and Business Card Design

These are variations of letterhead and business card design also made for Audrey's Design Theory class, all using the logo Audrey designed.

Audrey Jill Logo Design

This is a logo Audrey designed for the final project in her Design Theory class. It is an A on the left and a J on the right. Below are the black and white design, plus a few favorite color schemes.

Technical Adobe Illustrator Work

These are examples of Audrey's technical work in Adobe Illustrator. This is the before photo:
And this is the after image:
All of the grayscale portions have been hand drawn with the pen tool. The lightness and darkness was also determined by eyeball estimation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Banners

These are all new banners that were made within the last month. The top one is currently Audrey's banner in her Etsy shop. The rest are all for sale as predesigned banners.